Metaverse Roadmap

In the metaverse, you’ll want to live your best life.
Privé Porter will be there to do it with you.


The team of Privé Porter, Threedium, and Boson Protocol have brought luxury resale goods resale and auctioning to the Metaverse.

Like being first (2013) to use Instagram as our only retail platform, we be the first in the metaverse. For our store design, we recalled two big steps we took in our genesis. The interior is from our Aspen 2015 Pop-Up, which brought Kris Jenner into the store blew up our profile. The exterior is from our first physical retail space, November 2020, in Miami’s famed Brickell City Center.

Our Authentication NFT serves as indisputable title to, and authenticity of, the asset. Being minted by Privé Porter is permanent provenance of a Privé Porter authentication, a history of the resale of the item for eternity on the blockchain.

Sellers & buyers will be permanently liberated from timetables of, and exorbitant buyer & seller fees charged by, the legacy auction houses. Sellers can anonymously accept offers 24/7 without interface, regardless of their desire to sell. When they do decide to sell, Privé Porter will always facilitate the movement, with no buyer or seller fees.

When the technology is there, the owners of the actual luxury goods will be able to get a wearable of the asset in the metaverse. These renderings (trademark pending) are their receipt of the actual item, and they will be able to let their communities know what it is in real life.

For those who cannot afford the actual item, we will have luxury rental wearables (ala Rent the Runway), of actual products in our inventory, for them to use for some fabulous New Year’s Eve party or first date.

We will provide luxury goods for sale under fractional ownership. Unlike traditional players in this space (ala Masterworks), where people can invest-but-not-touch-or-use, shareholders will buy the wearable of an actual item in our inventory, knowing. In the real world that reflects a percentage of ownership of the actual item in our inventory. They now can take part in the fractional ownership of handbags or watches, but get a wearable version to use in the metaverse and let their community know what they own (in part).

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Fractional Ownership

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