Is all your merchandise authentic?

Yes.  100% of our merchandise is 100% authentic.  Prive Porter has sold over $100 million of Hermès handbags alone in the past decade and we believe our team are world expert third-parties at identifying and authenticating the ultra-luxury goods we sell.  

Do you guarantee your merchandise is authentic?

Yes. Privé Porter stands behind everything we sell, and provides 100% money back guarantee if the item is not authentic or is not as represented. To ensure your comfort, this guarantee is for as long as you own the handbag.  

How can I see all of your merchandise online?

We believe Privé Porter has the most extensive collection of Hermès handbags for sale outside of Hermès itself. Therefore, we can’t display all our inventory online.  

We feature new arrivals on Instagram each day.  In addition, we provide a curated sampling of our current inventory on our website   

If is a specific item that you are looking for click here to contact us.  

Can you source specific rare or ultra-luxury items?

Yes.  We are able to source hard-to-get designer handbags, jewelry, and watches.  We are experts in rare and ultra-luxury items and thus only deal in sourcing items with minimum retail value over $20,000.  This is a service that is for existing customers only. 

Do you purchase items or are you accept consignment?

Yes, Privé Porter purchases items. No, Prive Porter is not a consignment store.  We do this in order to best ensure authenticity, quality, and provinence of the items we sell.  We also want to provide our buyers and sellers the highest level of service and convenience.