PETA's Outspoken Critique of Cardi B's New Crocodile Birkin Bag

Prive Porter: PETA's Outspoken Critique of Cardi B's New Crocodile Birkin Bag

Cardi B's recent acquisition of a crocodile Birkin bag, courtesy of her husband Offset, has raised the ire of the animal rights organization, PETA. Offset's extravagant birthday gift included not one, not two, but three Birkin bags crafted from crocodile skin, a move that PETA finds deeply troubling.

In a scathing statement released on Friday, PETA's Vice President, Lisa Lange, minced no words in her criticism of the couple's choice. She condemned the crocodile industry as "gruesome" and "violent," shedding light on the disturbing practices, including electroshocking crocodiles and the inhumane mutilation of these creatures while they are still alive.

Lange expressed her disappointment, stating, "Instead of utilizing his wealth and influence for a noble cause, Offset has chosen to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in an industry marked by shocking cruelty, brain-scrambling metal rods, and the brutal mistreatment of living creatures." The statement emphasized that those who continue to support such practices either remain unaware or indifferent to the extreme suffering involved.


It remains uncertain whether Offset or Cardi B will reconsider their decision in light of PETA's passionate condemnation, but prospects for a reversal seem dim.