Why Privé Porter?

At Privé Porter we have turned our love, knowledge, and experience of the luxury goods market, into an endeavor to provide coveted brand name goods to collectors worldwide. We specialize in sourcing and delivering authentic Hermès handbags, that are allusive to the vast majority of consumers.

Our ability to gain access to items with high demand and painfully low supply is an advantage that continually rewards our clients with not only the items that they most desire, but also with the confidence in our ability and integrity to keep them coming back to utilize our services time and again.


Founded in 2008, Privé Porter prides itself on being the largest and most reliable source for brand new Hermès handbags and accessories, reaching customers in over 50 countries. In addition, we are the only authorized private dealer of Sofia Al Asfoor handbags and accessories.


Privé Porter has a zero tolerance policy for counterfeit merchandise. We are experts in the brands that we sell, and all items are rigorously vetted by us for authenticity before being offered to our clients. Despite this vigorous process, we offer a hassle free full money back lifetime guarantee if an item is found to be inauthentic by a reputable independent authenticator.