Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week - Lot 015

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Hermès 28cm Kelly Retourne Gris Etain Togo Leather Gold Hardware (Z/2021)

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Our 3D Imagery: This is an evolving technology, entirely composed of dozens of high-resolution pictures of the actual handbag being offered for sale. The high-resolution pictures, in all cases, will always be better reflection of the actual color.

Authentication NFT: Purchasing this unit means you will be receiving the Privé Porter Authentication NFT which serves not only of its authenticity of provenance, but actual title to the bag. In the lockable content, upon purchase, you will have access to the data which makes this unit unique and directions on how to redeem it or keep it in our Privé Storage Vault for superior protection of the unit’s value. Before buying a unit with a Authentication NFT from Privé Porter, or secondary owners considering buying or selling a unit with Authentication NFT, you should consult and agree to our Authentication NFT Terms & Conditions. In all cases, any unit can be bought without the Authentication NFT, and you should contact us for payment via wire or credit card.

Metaverse wearable: Once there is the technology in Decentraland, the owner of this unit will be provided the listed version of this handbag as a wearable.

Our Guarantee: Privé Porter has a zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit merchandise. We are experts in the brands that we sell, and all items are rigorously vetted by us for authenticity before being offered to our clients. Despite this vigorous process, we offer a hassle-free full money back lifetime guarantee if an item is found to be inauthentic by Hermès after-sales service.

Return Policy: All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges unless covered by our authenticity guarantee.