Privé Storage Vault

Temperature is always from 65-75 degrees, 35% humidity

24/7 monitoring by DGA

24 hour armed security on property

Your assets are insured for the replacement value

Privé Porter Seal

Keeping your handbags and watches in unused, pristine conditions is the surest way to ensure their appreciation. Owners know, via advance appointment, their items are available for inspection or temporary use seven days a week.

Authentication NFT inventory

Privé Porter's proprietary Authentication NFT serves as indisputable title to the asset, all description and data unique to that asset, both public and lockable, is permanently frozen once it is minted by Privé Porter. When you are buying a luxury handbag or watch, remember you are buying the asset, this Authentication NFT is the title.

This blockchain technology will liberate investors and collectors to buy and sell these assets from the timetables and substantial commissions of the legacy auction houses. More importantly, they maintain their anonymity.

Below is a real-time inventory of all assets in the Privé Storage Vault. To ensure successful, we encourage all Buyers and Sellers of ANFTs to use the PSV to facilitate a sale. Remember there are only two parties which can confirm the physical item corresponds with its ANFT: Privé Porter and the ANFT owner. Although we encourage all owners to use PSV, Privé Porter has no control over what each owner does with the Goods not maintained in PSV.

Collection Vault is empty

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